Nose Piercing Kit

This is a Dr. Pierce Disposable Nose Piercing System complete with one of the following nose studs.

1 x 2mm Crystal Bezel 24kt Gold plated stud #95607
Jeweller's quality nose piercing stud in a sterile cassette

1 x 2mm Tiffany CZ Palladium plated stud #95609

1 x 2mm Crystal Bezel Palladium Plated stud #95612

1 x 2mm Tiffany CZ 24kt Yellow Gold Plated stud #95613

Hygenic cleansing towelette
Simple instructions for location, piercing & aftercare.

It is very easy to use contains clear instructions & requires no experience to use.

The Dr. Pierce Nose Piercing system uses 100% encapsulated sterile needles.
Dr. Pierce nose piercing kits are disposable and there is 0% Cross Contamination.
Nothing can touch the needles, as they are hidden within the cartridge.
The Solid Ultra Sharp Post reduces the pain associated with nose piercing and will not shatter cartilage.

A single use instrument, (not a “piercing gun”) delivering a very find pointed jewel makes it almost painless. This system is used in many salons. The whole system is sealed so is completely sterile and the instruments are built that they cannot be “reloaded” therefore making it impossible to use a second time.
This is a single-use instrument & piercing stud which uses time-tested technology to deliver safe, sterile, nose piercing every time!

INVERNESS has two distinct piercing systems.
The Inverness 2000 system for outer ear piercing
Dr Pierce Professional Nose Piercing system.
Both systems only use hand pressured medical devices. (NO GUNS) When compared to biopsy needle piercings, the products make piercing a less critical procedure, and will also heal faster.

Sterilization procedures:

Dr Pierce studs are sterilized by Ethylene Oxide in a facility in the U.S. which is monitored by the FDA. This equates to Guaranteed Sterilization.
Biopsy needles must either be sterilized with an autoclave that requires monitoring and testing on a bi-monthly basis, or the needles come pre-sterilized, and are imported from China. These methods can often lack proper monitoring. (Country of origin is not marked on the packages). Improper sterilization of body piercing needles and the litigation that follows can be found by searching the internet.
Inverness/Dr Pierce piercing studs are made to medical implant grade in the U.S. The studs are listed FDA class 1 medical devices.
Body piercing jewelry is mostly manufactured in China and is routinely not 316L grade, as advertised.

Safety & Sterility And Inverness 2000. Safety, Sterility and Piercing.
There is no other piercing option in the world today that offers all of the individual protections that Inverness products bring to its customers.
Inverness Systems use only “hand pressured” FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Devices to deliver a piercing while eliminating the trauma.
The tip of the piercing post used by all Inverness Systems is honed to a surgical point. Inverness is the only “fully encapsulated” product on the market and prevents the piercing jewelry from being exposed to outside contamination.
All Inverness Systems are guaranteed sterile until the gas permeable seal is opened or damaged.
Inverness System 2000 delivers its sterile, surgical piercing post into a Patented Safety Clutch (earring back).

Use the latest technology that is gentle, safe and patented, Inverness has made nose piercing simple, with disposable instruments.

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